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servicing your clients.

Unlock your competitor's price data 🔥

Step up your pricing game without the hassle. PrettyData delivers unparalleled price intelligence, directly tailored to your salon. Our innovative AI technology does the heavy lifting, transforming tedious research into actionable insights. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to strategic pricing that boosts your bottom line

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Pricing easier, faster, better

Easier data

No more calling around or searching websites – skip the legwork. Get the prices that matter in your local market – all in one place.

Faster insights

Instant analysis lets you see how you compare to the competition at a glance. Price alerts keep you informed and ready to adapt.

Better results

Ensure you outpace inflation. Set prices with confidence that attract clients, retain talent, and increase your earnings.

How it works


Identify local competitors

Enter your zip code and we’ll find your competitors, or let you pick them.


Benchmark analysis

Compare your prices with local competitors at a glance. Transparent, tailored, and to the point. No more sifting through data – we present you with what’s relevant.


Strategic Optimization

Choose a pricing strategy that works for you. We’ll guide you to prices that keep you ahead of inflation and profitable.


Forecast growth

Add your service volume (optional), and our forecast model will estimate your revenue uplift. It’s your roadmap to revenue increase.


Price Alerts

Be in the know, early. With PrettyData’s alerts, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your competition’s pricing moves so your can act.